P&C Key Dates


Thu 26 Feb @ 6.00pm        Community BBQ, Forrest Primary School, Senior Asphalt

Wed 25 Mar  @ 7.30pm     P&C Annual General Meeting, Forrest Primary School

Fri 29th May                         P&C Trivia Night


P&C News

Week 4, Term 1, 2015 – P&C
Don’t forget the Community BBQ tomorrow!  Forrest Primary School at 6pm.
Plus, voting for the new parent representative for the school board is happening this week.  Go to the front office for your voting slips.
Week 1, Term 1, 2015 – Raeline FOOSHC

The activities program for term 1 is now open for enrolment.  Apologies for its lateness but it was worth the wait!

There is a variety of activities programmed for the term. Activities are scheduled to start next week with the except of Mandarin which starts the following week. Please note that activities conducted outside will be cancelled when it rains – confirm on the day by emailing forrestasc@optusnet.com.au. If activities are cancelled there will be a credit applied to your account.

Please enrol ASAP. You can complete the form [2015 term 1 FASA Enrolment form] and return to the FOOSHC office or put in the letter box at the front office. If emailing forms please do not include credit card details.

There are some vacancies for our music program – more information coming soon.

If you have any questions please email or call 62958985.


Raeline George


Week 1, Term 1, 2015 – Perdi P&C President


Welcome to the new school year for all new and returning Forrest families!

We are looking forward to a happy, safe and productive year for all the students and staff. The Forrest P&C is keen to help families to feel part of the community that supports school. There are a couple of upcoming events that may be of interest. Specifically:

  • Wednesday 11 February @ 7.30pm, P&C meeting at the school
  • Thursday 26 February @ 6.00pm, P&C Welcome BBQ
  • Wednesday 25 March @ 7.30pm, P&C Annual General Meeting
  • Friday 29 May, P&C Trivia Night.

More information on the Welcome BBQ and the Trivia night will be provided in subsequent newsletters. We are always eager to get more members of the school community involved in activities to assist the school. If anyone is interested in helping to organise the Trivia night please email me at president@forrestpandc.com.au.

The P&C will also conduct a survey to seek the views of parents and carers during term 1 to help guide the future work of the P&C. Also to find out more about the work of the P&C please go to our website at www.forrestpandc.com.au.

I hope to see many of you around the school at various events

Kind regards


Week 1, Term 1, 2015 – Raeline FOOSHC

Just wanted to let you know that all enrolment forms have now been processed and we do not have many children enrolled for 2015.

Please remember that every family needs to complete a 2015 enrolment form to enrol their child in before or after school care. The form and information sheet can be found here http://forrestpandc.com.au/?page_id=24 . Please enrol your child as a matter of urgency as we need to know numbers so that we have staff for next week!

If you are unsure if we have your form I am happy to answer an email.



Week 9, Term 4, 2014 – Perdi P&C President
Dear Parents, Carers and Teachers

Thank you all for your engagement over the last 12 months.  The P&C has had a really big year of activities and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here is a quick recap of what the P&C has been involved with this year:

  • A extremely well attended welcome BBQ in February

  • Establishment of the class parent liaison function to support parent engagement in March

  • Great feedback via the P&C parent survey (especially from class 2P) in April

  • A fun and successful school trivia night in May

  • Installation of the new playgrounds on the oval in July

  • A very happy world teachers day morning tea in October

  • Engagement of consultants to undertake a strategic review of P&C businesses in October

  • Redesign of Forrest Out of school hours care logo and branding in November

  • Completion of a review into the uniform shop processes and stock in December

  • Commencement of the refurbishment of the final blocks of children’s toilets in December (HOORAY!)

  • A hugely informative and engaging discussion with the ACT Minister for Education, Joy Burch in December.

All of this would not have been achieved without the tremendous support and guidance of the school executive and teachers, let alone all the parents who have generously volunteered their time to make these things happen.  So much has been done and yet we still have a lot to do.

For 2015 we have the following plans:

  • A new social calendar of events for 2015

  • The painting and upgrade of the junior hall

  • Consideration of the outcomes from the strategic review into P&C businesses

  • Planning activities for stage 2 of the landscaping around the school

  • Engaging with the school on plans for a new exciting interactive library space

The P&C always seeks to work closely with the school to enhance the educational outcomes for the children of Forrest Primary School.  Through running our businesses, the P&C will continue to support the school in a wide variety of ways – as guided by the parent and carer community.

I would particularly like to thank the P&C Committees who have worked tirelessly this year.  It has been an active and successful year.

Good luck to the year 6s who are heading out on the next journey in life.  I hope that all families will have a safe and happy festive season holiday and looking forward to seeing many of you around the school again next year.

Best wishes