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28 February, 2018 22:49

[P&C meeting Wednesday 7th March 2018]

Our AGM is this coming Wednesday, 7th March at 7.30pm. Please join us in the staff room at Forrest Primary.

All positions are declared vacant; you can nominate by email or on the night.

Following on from the AGM is the general meeting (after a light supper).

Attached are the meeting documents.

With regards,

Jenny Bramley P&C secretary


1802 Forrest P&C Agenda – 7 March 2018.docx
1802 Forrest P&C Agenda – AGM – 7 March 2018.docx
1711 Forrest P&C DRAFT Minutes – 8 Nov 2017.docx
31938435(1)_Forrest PnC Minutes – AGM 1 2017 – 1 March 2017.docx
Report from Treasurer on Financial Statements for year ended 31 December 2106.docx

P&C meeting tonight

Hope to see you at the meeting tonight. We have been working on the budget which is attached. We hope to replace some older items as per the summary page with some potential improvements, with your vote of approval.

Jenny Bramley
P&C secretary

Forrest P&C Draft Minutes – 16 August 2017 Word Version V2.doc
1711 Forrest P&C Agenda – 8 Nov 2017.docx
P&C Budget 2018 DRAFT for distribution.xlsx
2018 budget paper for P&C meeting on 8 November 2017.docx

P&C meeting next Wednesday 16th August

Hope to see you at the meeting – 7.30pm in the staff room. Attached are the meeting papers.

If you have an interest – Smiling minds (you can download the app for free). It is about Mindfulness – This was presented at the recent ACT P&C council meeting.
ACT Reportable Conduct – from the ACT ombudsman –


Jenny Bramley
P&C secretary

1708 Forrest P&C Agenda – 16 August 2017.docx
1705 Forrest P&C Draft Minutes – 24 May 2017.docx
1708 Action Items Forrest P&C 16 Aug 2017.doc

P & C Meeting this Wednesday, 24 May, at 7.30pm in the staff room

The next P&C meeting will be held this coming Wednesday. Hope to see you there. Come and discuss with us the canteen, activities review or anything you would like to talk about.

1703 Forrest PC Draft Minutes – Mtg – 1 Mar 2017.docx
1705 Action Items Forrest P&C 24 May 2017.doc
1702 Forrest P&C Agenda – 24 May 2017.docx

P&C meeting and AGM next Wednesday 1 March 7.30pm

Come along to the meeting. Nominate for positions on the committees and help the school and the P&C.

We would like to change the constitution to include the Deakin Preschool and its location – Part 1 of this document. The second part is being reviewed by the incoming preschool committee and may change. Likewise the Draft roles and responsibilities document is being reviewed by the incoming committee.

Jenny Bramley – P&C secretary
1702 Action Items Forrest P&C 1 March 2017.doc
1702 Forrest P&C Agenda – 1 March 2017.docx
1702 Forrest PnC Agenda – AGM – 1 March 2017.docx
2016 05 18 – DRAFT Constitutional changes.pdf

P&C Constitution change

With the DPPA (Deakin Preschool Parents Association) merging with the Forrest Primary P&C a constitution change is required as detailed below:

The current constitution is available at:

Currently – Part 1:General Clause 2b – “Forrest School and School shall mean the school known as Forrest School on Hobart Avenue, Forrest, in the Australian Capital Territory.”

Amend to – “Forrest School and School shall mean the schools known as Forrest School on Hobart Avenue, Forrest, and Deakin Preschool on Hopetoun Circuit, Deakin, both in the Australian Capital Territory.”

To effect this change there are other inclusions to the constitution, for full details please see:

SPECIAL LUNCH ORDER DAY – Wednesday 14th September

The canteen is having a Hot Dog Special Lunch Order Day next Wednesday (14th Sept). We will be offering Hot Dogs, a drink and a small treat.

You can order on Flexischools or use the paper order form (attached, in the newsletter or pick one up from the canteen). Orders close on Monday 12th September at 9am. Please remember that we do not offer normal lunch orders on this day.

Special lunch order form term 3 2016.pdf