FOOSHC Family and Community Information Night Tuesday 17 March

Whilst working through our Quality Improvement Plan we identified that our community, especially parents and families need more information about FOOSHC and how we operate. We have decided it would be useful to run a family and community information night each term.

Our first information session will present to our community the what, how and why of our service provision and some information on main projects we hope to work on this year.

Because we value your thoughts and ideas there will be a second part to each information night where we will seek feedback and suggestions from our community. Topic for this information night is: “Children’s use of electronic devices at FOOSHC”

Our first information session will be held on:

Day: Tuesday

Date: 17th March

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30

RSVP: 5pm Friday 13th March – limited childcare may be available if required – book early and advise number of children when booking.

Discussion topic: “Children’s use of electronics at FOOSHC”

Some questions that we would like to discuss are:

Should children use electronic devise during their time at FOOSHC?

Should we provide electronic devices for children to use during their time at FOOSHC (eg: tablet, cameras, video cameras etc)? If so what would be suitable?

Should children be allowed to bring their electronic devices to FOOSHC – if so when – befores, afters, school holiday program, how etc?

If we do have electronics at FOOSHC what are the limitations on what children can and cannot use them for?

Amount of screen time that children use at FOOSHC.

This I know for many is a hot topic and we are hoping that you will be able to attend and contribute to our discussion. If you are not able to attend but would like to put forward your thoughts please email us by: Tuesday 17th12 noon so that we can present your ideas during the discussion.

Hope to hear from you soon