Lost Property Policy

Lost Property Policy

The lost property cupboard at Forrest Primary School is located next to the Senior Hall & Canteen.

Volunteers monitor, clean-up and clear out this cupboard on a regular basis.

Due to a build-up of unclaimed items, the lost property cupboard is cleared out twice a term.

Any items in the cupboard at the end of each clear out period unable to be returned to their owner, will be treated in the following way:

  • Unnamed or named but unreachable (i.e. name not on student list) school uniform items will be placed in the second hand clothing pool;
  • All non-school uniform items will be donated to charity;
  • Any items unnamed and in poor condition will be disposed of; and
  • Any plastic containers, drink bottles or cutlery will be disposed of.

To minimise the number of items that remain unclaimed in the lost property cupboard, parents should ensure that:

  • All items are clearly marked with at least the child’s surname (this results in a higher chance of the item being returned);
  • Their child knows where the lost property cupboard is located; and
  • Children check the lost property cupboard when they have lost items at school.