After school activities

The After School Activities program is available each term and may include programs in languages, sports, drama, art and martial arts.  We also have a comprehensive music program which provides 30min individual tuition in a variety of musical instruments.

After School Activities

Enrolment prior to commencement of an activity is essential.  Please fill out an After School Activities enrolment form, as well as a general enrolment form and an Ezidebit form if you have not already done so – see Enrolment Forms&Ezidebit Form.  You will be required to re-enrol each term.  The activity program for the next term will be available in week 9 of the previous term.  Activities run from week 2 to week 10.

Musical Tuition

Please see the FOOSHC desk or contact Forrest Children’s Services on 02 6295 8985 or email to enquire about musical tuition classes.  Once enrolled in a musical tuition class, the enrolment is ongoing until cancelled.

To ensure the safety of children attending activities programs we require you contact either the music tutor or Forrest Children’s Services on 02 6295 8985/ if your child will not attend their regular session.