P&C Committee & Contact

Forrest P&C Committee

The Forrest P&C is an active and effective parent body within the school organisation. It meets once a term and is crucial in supporting the school financially and socially via a variety of functions throughout the year.

Your interest and involvement with this group is most welcome. All expressions of interest can be directed to the Secretary via community@forrestpandc.com.au in the first instance.

The current P&C Committee:


Teresa Gorondi

Vice President

(Community Liaison)


Vice President




Rebecca Underwood


Tui Davison

Public Officer

Lucy Clynes

Communication Officer

Vanessa Dayeh

Forrest Children Services Business Manager

Ali Sewter

ACT P&C Delegate


Canteen Committee

Rebecca Kirkwood

Uli Putz

GENERAL Committee

Samantha Reeves

Noshaba Majeed Sheikh

Rebecca Kirkwood

Parent Rep Liaison Coordinator

Cath White

Uniform Committee

Marina Spurgin

Office Bearer –roles & responsibilities

Vice President
Public Officer
Communications Officer

Similar to most P&C Association President’s, the role of the President of the Forrest P&C Association is to:

In addition, the Forrest P&C Association President plays a key role in managing the Forrest P&C Association business arm – Forrest Children’s Services (FCS). This business employs a full time Executive Director. As such, the President is also responsible for:

Vice President

The Vice President steps into the role of the President should they be unavailable. They also undertake a variety of tasks which may help to reduce the workload of the President. Close liaison between the President and Vice President is expected.

The Vice President & Business Manager is also responsible for:

The Vice President is a member of the Forrest P&C Association’s Finance & Administration Committee.


The Secretary is responsible for:

The Secretary is a member of the Forrest P&C Association’s Finance & Administration Committee.


The Treasurer oversees the financial matters of the FCS and associated tasks, and supports the ED and book-keeper. The key tasks include:

As such the Treasurer is responsible for overseeing:

The Treasurer is also a member of the Finance & Administration Committee.

Public Officer

The Public Officer is the point of contact between Forrest P&C Association and the Office of Regulatory Services This role is critical so that you can receive communications from the Office of Regulatory Services.

The Public Officer is also responsible for:

Communications Officer

The role of the Communications Officer is to assist the Forrest P&C Association President to ensure the effective communication between the members of the Forrest P&C Association, community, the school and the members of the Forrest Primary School Board.

As such the Communications Officer is responsible for:

Office Bearer Contact details

Forrest P&C President


Forrest P&C Secretary


Forrest Uniform Manager


Forrest Canteen Manager


Parent Representatives Liaison


Website Feedback


Forrest Primary School

http://www.forrestps.act.edu.au or (02) 6205 5644