Term 2 Forrest After School Activities (FASA): Enrolments are Open!

The Forrest P&C organises extra-curricula activities called FASA (Forrest After School Activities) for working families who are unable to take their children to external extra-curricula activities. The P&C hire tutors to run extra-curricula lessons after school and the school kindly hires classrooms to them.  

FASA is not After-school care. They run as two separate business.

In Term 2 FASA begins Tuesday, 27th April (Week 2) and will run for 9 weeks. Each week the children go straight to the designated classroom after school and sit outside the room quietly waiting for the tutor to let them in at 3:15pm. We encourage families to pack an extra snack so they can eat it whilst they wait.  Please also remind the children of the expected appropriate behaviours whilst they are waiting.  Parents are required to be at the school by  4:10pm. Class finishes at 4:15pm. Any children who are not picked up on time will be charged a late fee.

If your child is enrolled in FOOSHC – the tutor will bring them back to FOOSHC, when the lesson finishes.  Parents will pick up from FOOSHC as normal.

Due to COVID-19, we have limited FASA so please get in quick. Forms can be returned to the FOOSHC office or by email to: info@fooshc.org.au. Enrolment forms can be found HERE.

Please contact Ali or Toni with any questions on 62958985 or info@fooshc.org.au.