FOOSHC Maintains Excellent Rating!

Dear Families,  
At the end of last year 2020,  we were assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards by Children’s Education and  Care Assurance (ACT regulatory body CECA) . It was a comprehensive and exhausting process at the end of a difficult year.

We are  thrilled to announce we have received our Assessment and Rating report where we have been deemed EXCEEDING in all 40 elements, 7 quality areas – resulting in us maintaining our Excellent rating. Yes, we have exceeded those standards in all 7 areas and 40 elements – consistently demonstrating the three themes of critical reflection, embedded practice and family and community engagement!  Huge, Huge, Huge!

This means we maintain our EXCELLENT rating awarded to us by ACECQA for services which demonstrate innovative practice to achieve significant improvements for children and their families, the local community and/or organisations, and the wider education and care sector. This is a separate detailed application for services who achieve exceeding in all 7 quality areas.

We are one of only three OSHC in Australia with this rating and the only one in the ACT. This is an extraordinary achievement and not easy to obtain as you know.  Most services across Australia only get rated “Meeting” the Nation Quality Standards. We are so proud of our team and our efforts to continually perform at this high standard. We are proud of our child-led, risk and play program which tries to maximise the learning and development of each child in our service. Everything we do is always in the best interest of the child.

You can read more about the National Quality Standards here Understand Child Care Ratings I Starting Blocks

A copy of our report will be available for your perusal on the front desk. As always, we welcome your feedback.

To learn more about the Nation Quality Framework and how it improved outcomes for children across Australia – click here to read more  National Quality Framework – FOOSHC (


The FOOSHC team of amazing Educators – Woohoo!

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