FOOSHC wins the 2022 Early Childhood Australia Education and Care Award for Innovation in Pedagogy and Practice

Our fantastic FOOSHC team was recently nominated for an  Early Childhood Australia Education and Care Award 2022 for Innovation in Pedagogy and Practice ….. and we WON!!!!

The award celebrates innovative and transformative pedagogy and practice. Transformative pedagogy empowers learners to engage in dialogue to co-construct meaning from educational material and experiences through an inquiry-based approach. It also promotes personal experiences,  and aligning education with social justice – this award demonstrates that FOOSHC excels at this.

FOOSHC is a place in which play takes priority because all children have the right to play, as such; the program is to plan for the possibilities of play. FOOSHC’s pedagogical practice is based on a Playwork approach which sees children as the constructors of their own experience in an environment in which children are supported and encouraged to flourish and fail. A Playwork approach sees our educators facilitate and maintain the physical and psychological conditions that encourage and allow for children to play as ‘a process that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated’.

The FOOSHC team has again demonstrated that they are a lighthouse service in the ACT and across Australia for the amazing service they provide. The P&C is extraordinarily proud of Ali, Kylie, George, Carl, Toni and the team for the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication they bring to before, after and holiday care.

Below is a photo of the team accepting their well deserved award (and looking fabulous too!).


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